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    Yay, I’ve liked a lot of things on Tumblr I guess.

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  2. Kotomine Pt.1: The First House

     So I decided to finally start uploading some Minecraft screenshots (more of the the weird photoshop ones coming eventually). My current seed (Kotomine) is getting a little weird with all the random little projects I’ve started. But I thought I’d start with my main house, which has some interesting structures based on the natural shape of the lake which I decided to cover with glass and put inside the house. Clearly, I’m not an architect, but it was one of the most fun houses I’ve built. There’s actually a lot more rooms, but I didn’t want to bore everyone with them. I’ll probably fit them into later posts.

  3. neetria:


  4. It’s sad how entertained by this I am. :3

  5. Instead of making something serious or valuable, in class today I made a bunch of obnoxious posters for my group project. Felt it would be perfect to post them as it’s April Fools Day, the most useless of holidays. Serious images regarding this project coming when they’re —hopefully—done.

  6. Tumblr Pro activated, now I can achieve Jony Ive narration levels of pretentiousness! 


  7. NASA’s making a new space suit prototype and wants the public to help choose the design. I’m really enjoying the Sci-Fi feel of these designs and the creative yet pragmatic use of colored lights. While not suitable for spacewalks, these could be the type of suits used for planetary excursions. And more importantly help drive innovation for not only the future of space exploration, but other more terrestrial applications.

  8. theelderscrollsonline:

    Crafted Weapons and Shields in The Elder Scrolls Online

  9. christiannightmares:

    Incredibly geeky 64-bit Biblical Temple operating system (For the heads up, thanks to Lone Starr; For a related video, click here http://christiannightmares.tumblr.com/post/48220941890/vatican-quest-video-game-depicts-pope-benedict-xvi)

  10. Okay, forcing myself to make sure I post something after bothering to make an annoying announcement that I’m posting screenshots. And what better to start with than the ESO beta stuff I said I would post and never did (though a did post dat Khajiit dance cycle). The main reason for that was that I actually didn’t really have as much time to play as I thought. But I did play the tutorial twice, and took some really meh screenshots of it. 

    It was pretty fun, I’m not sure I’m going to be buying it right away, but it was pretty good. If you like Elder Scrolls a lot and MMOs, then I would say go for it. But I’m having a hard time finding time for other MMOs that I like better, so I’ll wait on it.